Who Was America's Boyfriend in 2018?
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Who Was America's Boyfriend in 2018?

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There is no shortage of well-liked male celebrities in the world, so which lucky man will be America's boyfriend in 2018? From budding stars like Michael B. Jordan and Ansel Elgort to long established male icons like Ryan Gosling and Leonardo Dicaprio, who is America's boyfriend 2018?

From actors to musicians to media moguls, who do you think is the perfect guy for this country? Who hits just the right combination of talented, funny, nice, and charming to win America's heart? Browse this list of potential American boyfriends to help decide. 

Vote up the men you think would be the quintessentially American boyfriend below. If you feel anyone is missing, feel free to add him. When you're done, check out who is competing for the title in 2019.

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