Who Was America's Grandma in 2015?

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America's grandma means the most lovable 70+ female celeb in all the US of A. Upvote the people you think best represent America's grandma.

Here’s a statement that no one can deny: grandmas are the best. And since grandmothers are the best things on the planet, it only makes sense that we celebrate them by deciding which most loved older female celebrities should be in the running to be America’s grandma in 2015.

If the concept of America’s grandma is foreign to you, here’s a quick summation: America's grandma means the most lovable 70+ female in all the great United States. If you’re screaming “Betty White!” at the top of your lungs, you’re not alone. But there are plenty of other women over the age of 70 to choose from out of the most lovable older celebrities, so we’ve put them on this list for you to vote who should be America’s grandma in 2015.

The old women who are still hanging around on this list of most loved celebrities are all firecrackers and some of them have even been popping up on film and television for over 70 years – which is crazy when you think about it. These most loved elderly celebrities are sweethearts on and off the screen, so they’re perfect nominations for America’s grandma, but it’s up to you to vote for who is bestowed with that honor. Will it be Betty White? Will it be Maggie Smith? It’s up to you to decide! All you have to do is vote for the lovable older female celebrities who should be America’s grandma, AND feel free to add your own choice for America’s grandma to the list.

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