Who Was America's Crazy Aunt in 2015?

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America's crazy aunts are the most fun and quirky adult female celebs in the US of A! Upvote the people you think best represent America's crazy aunt. Women should be 40+

Everyone has a crazy aunt. That sister your mom rarely talks about, but who you think is the most fun person in the world. If every family has one, then statistically America should have a few crazy aunts as well. At first, the concept of crazy aunt celebrities might be a bit confusing, but that’s what this list is here for! Crazy aunt celebs are the most fun and quirky adult female stars in the great United States! If you’re still not sure what a crazy aunt is, think about which adult female celebrity you’d like to go to the local roller rink with and you’ve got your answer. Now that you’re well-versed in the concept of the crazy aunt, help us figure out who is America’s crazy aunt in 2015.

Adult female celebrities like Tina Fey, Janeane Garofolo, and Megan Mullally are perfect examples of who would be America’s crazy aunt. They’re funny, quirky, outgoing, and most of all you want to go live with them for the summer. They’d probably let you eat ice cream for dinner every night, and they might even help you get your first tattoo. The ladies that make up this list of the celebrities in the running to be America’s crazy aunt are all awesome, and we’d be proud to call them our fun aunt any day.

Vote up the fun and quirky adult female celebrities you think would be America’s crazy aunt in 2015 and if your choice isn't on here, then feel free to add the crazy, older female celeb you want to get drunk at family reunions with to the list.
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