Who Was America's Crazy Uncle in 2015?

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America's crazy uncles are the most fun and quirky adult male celebs in the US of A! Upvote the people you think best represent America's crazy uncle.

Everyone has that one crazy uncle who you can always count on to say something ridiculous and insane at a family reunion, and America is no different. There are so many quirky male celebrities who could fit the mold of America’s crazy uncle. Some celebs, like Johnny Depp, do wacky stuff like act like Keith Richards for 10 years straight while living on a private island. And some offbeat actors, like Mel Gibson, go on insaaaaaane racist rants after being pulled over for driving drunk. That’s classic crazy uncle behavior. Deciding on who should be America’s crazy uncle is up to you. Would you prefer a crazy uncle that pulled pranks like George Clooney, or a crazy uncle that wouldn’t stop telling you about why every movie you like is garbage like Quentin Tarantino? The choice is yours.

When you’re growing up, the crazy uncle is an important part of your life. They’re there when you need someone to bail you out of jail (or to land you in the slammer in the first place), and they probably helped you have your first drink. Crazy uncles are the best and there are a million different reasons why.

What kind of person would you like America’s crazy uncle to be? Go ahead and show the world by voting up the weirdos you think are America’s crazy uncle. And if there are any quirky male celebrities that you think should be considered the crazy uncle of the great United States then add them to this list.
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