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10 Reasons Why Misa Amane Is A Better Character Than You Think

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In the world of Death Note, Light and L tend to outshine the others in terms of popularity. Because of this, other Death Note characters like Misa Amane get written off as inferior or useless to the storyline. 

Though parts of the fandom often write her off as unintelligent, unhinged, and loose, Misa displays all sorts of moxie that deserves a second look. Her backstory provides a compelling reason for her dedication to Kira, and compared to many of the other series villains, she goes through some heavy stuff.

Misa Amane is actually a good character; she's not perfect, but she's a whole lot better than many Death Note fans give her credit for. As an added bonus, she adds a bit of color to a series known for being relentlessly somber.