The Most Awesome Amputation Tattoos of All Time

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You know how some people seem to have a knack for turning tragedy into triumph? Well, get ready to meet a whole of group of them as we take a look at some of the funniest, most clever amputation tattoos of all time. These people may have endured a tragedy which caused them to lose a limb, or they may have been born without a certain appendage, but as you can see, they've never lost their sense of humor.

This group of folks decided to turn what some would consider a handicap into a way to make people smile with their clever choice of amputation tattoos. You'll see a variety of creative, hilarious amputation tattoos - from former military men who celebrated their sacrifice with a tat, to athletes who didn’t let losing a leg stop them from being first-class runners. You’ll see a huge range of creative concepts in the following amputee tattoos, which include everything from hilarious commentary to stunning artwork.

While some of these folks preferred to tattoo clever explanations of what happened to their amputated missing limbs, others went with pre-amputation instructions for the surgical staff. Still others decided to play on the unique shapes of their amputations to create 3D artwork that only they could come up with. So, get ready to be inspired by a group of people who refuse to let their amputations bring them down! Through the creative use of ink, they’ve all found ways to encourage people to see the smile they refuse to lose rather than the limbs they've left behind.   

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Photo: Heine Bræck / Facebook