The 15 Best 'American Chopper' Memes That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

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Of the thousands of meme templates available out there, the American Chopper meme provides the best mode for discourse - at least, in a meme format. The meme stems from an American Chopper episode from 2009 where hosts Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. erupt into an argument - a terrible scenario for their show, but the perfect fodder for memes. Though the meme has existed since 2011, hilarious American Chopper memes really took off in 2018, allowing users to play out a full "debate" between two sides. They're a lot like smart Rick and Morty jokes in that they often take a few seconds to land.

That said, the type of debate used in American Chopper memes remains up to the creator in question. Some tackle difficult discussions such as American intervention or classism, while others focus on plot holes in Lord of the Rings. It just goes to show that this meme is more than just hilarious, it's versatile. 

  • 1. You Shall Not Pass(word)

    You Shall Not Pass(word)
    Photo: /u/Petaaa / Reddit
  • 2. Getting Bagged Down

    Getting Bagged Down
    Photo: user uploaded image
  • 3. The Cat(astrophe)

    The Cat(astrophe)
    Photo: user uploaded image
  • 4. Problems With The Plot

    Problems With The Plot
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