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Which Amy Poehler Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Amy Poehler is an actor, writer, producer, best-selling author, mother, business owner, and comedic powerhouse. She's created a wide variety of zany, irreverent, and heart-warming characters that have etched their way into pop culture.

Given how many personalities she has created over the years, there's more than enough for each astrological sign. What better way to explore astrology than with this comic phenom? Maybe you're a diehard believer in astrology and check your natal chart on the daily. Maybe you just read your horoscope for fun. Either way, astrology gives us tools to explore parts of our personalities and how they change throughout the year.

Whether you need some time in Wine Country, are a total Baby Mama, or just a little Inside Out, Poehler has you covered. Finding out which character you are based on your sign may help you get to know yourself better. Or it could distract you from Mercury being in retrograde.

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    Aries (March 21 - April 19): Leslie Knope From 'Parks & Recreation'

    Aries are highly ambitious and natural-born leaders. They are energized pioneers and want to leave their fingerprints on the world. It’s no wonder that Pawnee, Indiana's thirstiest local politician would be an Aries.

    From the pilot to the final season, nothing stops Leslie Knope from trying to make her mark in the world. She channels all of her enthusiasm and can-do spirit no matter what hilarious hijinks get in her way.

    Aries are self-starters - but they also can lead their troops into combat. True to form, over the course of the series, Leslie brings together a loyal team - often a collection of diametrically opposed personalities and philosophies - to help her achieve her political goals.

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    A Taurus is the master builder-producer. Taurses get things done. They are practical and have a can-do attitude. Like their symbol, the bull, they can be stubborn at times. They also love their creature comforts. 

    In Netflix's Wine Country, Abby is a total Taurus. While trying to micromanage fun, she gets bent out of shape when people ignore the agenda - which could be due to the fact that she's repressed some of her passion. But the luxe and comfortable trip is a true Taurus indulgement. Because a Taurus, in addition to being diligent, is a creature of comforts and the most sensual sign of the zodiac. Could this be why she's one of the only one of her gal pals to hook up?

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    Like their symbols, the twins, suggest, Geminis have two or more personalities. Geminis change faster than the weather. They have complex interests and love new experiences and information. 

    Gob's Wife is a clear-cut Gemini. In her time on the show, she is drawn to wild and dangerous pranks but also enlists in the disciplined armed forces. She marries Gob but also has feelings for Tobias Fünke (David Cross). Her wanderlust is also textbook Gemini behavior. She seeks adventure and travel. She pursues her maritime business ideas and then travels with the army. She's a woman of many faces.

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    The sign of Cancer is the crab. Like the crab, Cancers have a hard impenetrable armor and a soft vulnerable inside. They are also likely to cling or pinch when they feel threatened. They have strong emotions and are natural nurturers who make great parents and caretakers. 

    Susie, while an emotionally volatile actor, is still able to be super nurturing to the campers at Camp Firewood. She clings like a crab to a misguided relationship with boyfriend Ben (Bradley Cooper). It's not unheard of for her to have an over-the-top emotional outburst. In Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, Susie becomes a Hollywood producer. It's no wonder she abandons acting for producing, as Cancers are renowned for their skills with money and saving.