19 Times Amy Schumer Actually Gave Good Life Advice 

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The best Amy Schumer quotes are not just the comedian being funny, they serve as some pretty sensible life advice and in some cases, PSAs. Because Schumer is fearless, she’s never afraid to tell it like it is from her particular point of view. That view resonated with millions of people and Schumer catapulted to the top. Once she got there, she remained the same, a funny and blunt voice of feminism that makes people feel normal and even good about themselves. 

Say she’s in a room full of high-powered Hollywood types. Leave it to Amy Schumer to say the most dead-on, inappropriate, yet truthful things. She’s not intimidated by status or wealth. You could be running for president or just some guy on the street and Amy Schumer is going to be Amy Schumer, no matter what. This New Yorker doesn’t care what anyone thinks and toughened up even further on the comedy circuit as a stand-up. 

The funniest of the Amy Schumer best quotes are the ones that boldly speak the truth. Schumer’s truth is to be yourself and stop pretending like you shower more than you actually do. She also believes that you decide when you’re attractive, not anyone else. Also, she knows exactly how to turn someone’s hate into an Emmy.

The big draw of Amy Schumer is that she’s genuine. She’s not interested in anyone else’s standards. Unless those standards are realistic and achievable, nah. As for expectations of female comedians and actors, she’s not afraid to take on weight, beauty, and double standards.

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Embrace Your Flaws and Don't Worry About What Others Think
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“I didn't know to question myself. Which is great... Every day I'm just working to get back to that place, of like, 'I'm a human being and I'm not going to apologize for something that people might see as a flaw.' Like, people make fun of my teeth. I have these little rabbit teeth. And I love them, I think they're really cute. But everyone will put a picture of me next to a chipmunk and things like that. But, no, I don't want to look like everyone else. I want to be myself and embrace that. [Big applause.] Thank you.”
Source: Cosmpolitan
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Be Unapologetically Honest Because It’s Therapeutic for Others
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Schumer is simply not interested in holding back - and not because she’s out to shock. She truly has a point to her comedy.

“My comedy is unapologetic and fearless. Like, sometimes you’ll wind up having condomless sex with someone that you probably shouldn’t. I’m interested in sharing that part of myself unapologetically so that other people will hopefully feel better.”

Source: Thought Catalog
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Women Do Not Need to Look to Others for Their Self-Esteem or Body Assessment
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“I wrote an article for Men’s Health and was so proud, until I saw instead of using my photo, they used one of a 16-year-old model wearing a clown nose, to show that she’s hilarious. But those are my words. What about who I am, and what I have to say? I can be reduced to that lost college freshman so quickly sometimes, I want to quit. Not performing, but being a woman altogether. I want to throw my hands in the air, after reading a mean Twitter comment, and say, ‘All right! You got it. You figured me out. I’m not pretty. I’m not thin. I do not deserve to use my voice…. All my self-worth is based on what you can see.’ But then I think, F*ck that.“ 

Source: Thought Catalog 
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Laughing in the Face of Adversity Can Help Get You Through Hard Times
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"The moments that make life worth living are when things are at their worst and you find a way to laugh."

Schumer is a believer in not letting things get to her. She’s one of the most cynical silver lining people out there. It works. 

Source: Esquire
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