27 Memes About Anakin Skywalker That Prove He's The Galaxy's Moodiest Jedi Knight

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Anakin Skywalker wasn't always Darth Vader. There was a time he was a surly teen. One of the highlights of the 'Star Wars' prequels was learning new things about Anakin, like the fact that he hates sand and didn't have a problem cutting down younglings. The subreddit r/prequelmemes is a celebration of all things Episodes 1-3 and a great place to share in the Skywalker love. 

Photo: u/AnakinPuddlehopper / Reddit

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    Nervous R2

    Nervous R2
    Photo: u/EpicGamer00009 / Reddit
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    What If Everything Worked Out?

    What If Everything Worked Out?
    Photo: u/cbroney / Reddit
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    The Issue Was That It Was Too Real

    The Issue Was That It Was Too Real
    Photo: u/Wows_Nightly_News / Reddit
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    He Has His Reasons

    He Has His Reasons
    Photo: u/dxnso2019 / Reddit
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    As It Was Foretold

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    Third Wheel

    Third Wheel
    Photo: u/Mr_DjemSo / Reddit
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