11 Disturbing Facts About Soviet Child Abuser And Serial Killer Anatoly Slivko

Over the course of several years, Soviet serial killer Anatoly Slivko used his position as a respected member of his community to sexually assault and murder boys, even going so far as to document his disturbing crimes through photographs and videos. Slivko convinced at least 40 trusting boys to participate in his bizarre experiments by telling them that he could help them grow taller - when in fact he just wanted to render them unconscious.

Thankfully, this Soviet serial murderer and child molester was finally discovered after a member of the justice system realized that many of the children who had disappeared were close to Slivko. Interestingly, once he was behind bars, law enforcement even interviewed the confessed killer in hopes of gaining information that would help them track down another serial murderer who was targeting women and children in the Soviet Union. While Slivko may not have helped officials find the man who killed more than 50 victims over the course of 12 years, he did provide the authorities with some insight into the motivations behind his own grotesque crimes.


  • He Raped And Sexually Assaulted More Than 40 Boys

    He Raped And Sexually Assaulted More Than 40 Boys
    Photo: YouTube

    After hanging more than 40 children until they lost consciousness, Slivko successfully revived the majority of his victims. However, during the time that these boys were unconscious, Slivko subjected them to horrifying acts of rape and sexual assault. In order to be able to relive these disturbing acts, Slivko allegedly took photographs and videotapes of himself hanging and assaulting the children.

  • He Revived Most Of His Victims After Hanging Them

    He Revived Most Of His Victims After Hanging Them
    Photo: YouTube

    According to Slivko, he didn't mean to end the life of Nikolai Dobryshev, the 15-year-old he killed in 1964. When he was questioned by police many years later, Slivko said that he had accidentally killed his first victim while performing an "experiment" on the boy. The experiment - which involved hanging the teenage boy until he lost consciousness - wasn't supposed to result in death.

    Instead, Slivko would revive the boys just after they had lost consciousness from hanging. He convinced his victims to participate in the experiments by telling them that the hanging would stretch their spines and make them taller, but Slivko actually wanted to render them unconscious so that he could subject their bodies to disturbing acts.

  • He Murdered At Least Seven Boys

    He Murdered At Least Seven Boys
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    On June 2, 1964, Anatoly Slivko killed his first victim, a 15-year-old named Nikolai Dobryshev. Slivko - who was born on December 28, 1938, in Izerbash in the former Soviet Union - was only 25 when he killed Dobryshev, later claiming that he didn't mean to take the teenager's life.

    However, less than a year later, he went on to murder his second victim, Aleksei Kovalenko, in May 1965. According to Slivko, more than eight years passed before he killed his third victim, Aleksander Nesmeyanov, on November 14, 1973, although it's possible he murdered other children between 1965 and 1973. After killing Nesmeyanov, Slivko went on to murder four more boys before he was finally apprehended, making him responsible for ending the lives of at least seven boys, all between the ages of 11 and 15.

  • He Was Trying To Relive A Fatal Accident He Witnessed

    He Was Trying To Relive A Fatal Accident He Witnessed
    Photo: YouTube

    After he was arrested for murdering several boys, Slivko confessed that he killed his victims while performing his bizarre hanging experiment, giving law enforcement some insight into why he was compelled to render children unconscious. According to Slivko, in 1963 - three years before he started conducting his hanging experiments - he witnessed a teenage boy get hit and killed by an inebriated motorcyclist, who plowed into a group of pedestrians.

    For some inexplicable reason, Slivko - who was 24 at the time - found the fatal traffic accident sexually exciting, including the odor of burning gasoline and the sight of the child's uniform for the Young Pioneers, the Soviet Union's version of Boy Scouts. After killing his victims, whom he made wear Young Pioneers outfits, he would pour gasoline on them and set their remains on fire, all to relive the thrill of watching the teenager die in 1963.

  • He Ran A Youth Club

    He Ran A Youth Club
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    Slivko convinced a total of 43 boys to participate in his hanging experiments, many of whom he met while running a youth club. The club, which was called "Chergid," was based in the Russian city of Nevinnomyssk, and was a tourist organization designed for boys.

    Slivko was the director of Chergid and was very popular with children, parents, and community members. In fact, he was the recipient of multiple letters of acknowledgement and honorary certificates for his work with the youth club, and local newspapers and radio stations regularly published articles about Slivko and Chergid.

  • He Had A Wife And Children

    He Had A Wife And Children
    Photo: YouTube

    In addition to being the director of Chergid, a popular youth club, Slivko was a husband and father, giving him the appearance of a normal family-man. In fact, when he was interviewed by police years after he was convicted, law enforcement officials were surprised when the man who had admitted to raping, killing, and dismembering children mentioned that he thought it was inappropriate for adults to consume alcohol in front of minors.