Weird History

Disturbing Instances Where Ancient Egyptian Curses Seemed To Come True

According to legend, the curse of the pharaohs will be cast on whoever disturbs the mummy or tomb of an ancient Egyptian. The curse doesn't care if you're a serious-minded archaeologist or an opportunistic thief - and the spell is especially powerful if the mummy happens to be a pharaoh. Over the years, there have been numerous reports of cursed archaeological sites, where excavators and tomb robbers began to experience strange sensations, sudden illnesses, and even death after coming in contact with a mummy or an ancient Egyptian artifact.  

Curses were placed on tombs as safety measures. If the body, possessions, or burial place of the deceased was disturbed, then they wouldn't be guaranteed a peaceful afterlife. But those warnings didn't stop people from poking around in them. One of the most famous archaeologists who got cursed was Lord Carnarvon, who, along with Howard Carter, discovered King Tut’s tomb. His death was the first among many related to that site. Some people attribute these deaths to other, more science-based reasons, but there are still a lot of eerie coincidences in these anecdotes.

Whether these curses really exist is beside the point. What’s fascinating is that these curses created such frightening and compelling narratives that the public began to believe that beings could exact revenge from beyond the grave. Read on to discover more about cursed ancient Egyptian tombs and mummies and the poor souls who fell victim to them.