Ancient Egypt Ancient Egyptians Had A Bizarre Pregnancy Test, And It Was Surprisingly Accurate  

Mel Judson

Ancient Egyptians, who pioneered many feats of engineering, health, and art in the ancient world, also appeared ahead of their time in terms of reproductive health. As seen in the video below, one pregnancy test used by ancient Egyptians actually got some pretty accurate results.

The pregnancy test in question has over a millennia's worth of research behind it, which means these ancient people knew a thing or two about family planning in the age before birth control.

Even when measured today, scientists say this method of testing comes with a relatively high chance of success. It just goes to show that your ancestors knew more than you give them credit for.

Back in the day, people made it a point to understand how their bodies worked, and they clearly understood it better than most modern people might think. Watch the video below to hear about the ancient Egyptians' famed pregnancy test.