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14 Facts About The Picts, A Scottish Tribe That Gave The Roman Empire Hell

So, who exactly were the Picts? They were a mysterious group of people who resided in what is now northern England and southern Scotland and popped up in the annals of Roman history in the first few centuries CE. Although not a great deal is known about the Picts, historians do know that they caused quite a bit of trouble for the Romans, who were trying to conquer every inch of land they could get their spears on. However, there are plenty of Pict facts aside from their Roman relationships.

Here are some things you didn't know about the Picts. For one, they were extremely talented artists; for another, apparently, a lot of Scotsmen count the Picts among their direct ancestors. To amp up the Pictish facts and trivia, did you know that the first king of Scotland might have massacred the Picts to take power? 

Most importantly, the ancient Picts might not have thought of themselves as a single group of people. So, who were these fascinating Pict warriors who gave the Romans a run for their money? Read on to find out.