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11 Interesting Facts About What Ancient Roman Parties Were Really Like

Contrary to popular belief, Rome was not all crazy sex parties. In fact, ancient Roman parties were pretty tame by today’s standards. Most of the time, it consisted of noble families getting together, eating elaborate food dishes, and talking about everything from politics to the weather. These parties were beacons of status and networking opportunities, which is why they became a cornerstone in everyday Roman life. Partying in Rome was common, but racy Ancient Roman escapades weren't popping off on the daily. 

In addition to dinner parties, there were festivals filled with lower class demographics within this period. There were also lust-filled gatherings, and while people did go to them, it was usually under the guise of secrecy, as they were considered the lowest of the low in terms of entertainment. If you want to know more about how Ancient Romans got down, check out the list below.