The Craziest Ancient Rome Sex Scandals

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Vote up the most insane stories from ancient Roman times—those that put Washington, D.C. and Hollywood to shame.

If the Ancient Romans knew how to do one thing well, it was party. When they weren't busy inventing the aqueduct, concrete, or the basis for the modern calendar, they were discovering new and exciting ways to have a good time with each other. Sure, every emperor, senator, and nobleman under the sun promoted family values... but when that sun set, ancient Rome got into the kind of action that would make the writers of Game of Thrones blush.  

While the Romans probably weren't the first in history to push the sexual envelope, they were among the first to keep detailed records. Regular talk of affairs, orgies, and contests spun around the rumor mill for centuries. Of course, the Romans weren't above tabloid-level journalism. It's no coincidence that the most extreme rumors were about the most hated emperors.

It wasn't all fun and games, though. Since most of these Roman rumors involved the emperors, that meant most of them ended in either bloody coups or executions. It's good to be the king, but only as long as people let you stay in power. So, as crazy as you think modern Washington controversies may seem, some of the ancient Rome sex stories on this list may make you appreciate just how far politicians have come over the last two thousand years.

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    Nero Castrated A Man And Then Married Him

    Nero Castrated A Man And Then Married Him
    Photo: John William Waterhouse / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    For someone with the power and maniacal reputation of Emperor Nero, it was probably easy to get bored at having his every whim met. Perhaps that's why Nero turned an innocent boy into a eunuch and then tied the knot. The boy, Sporus, was dressed as a woman in a veil for the official ceremony, and the pair even took a romantic honeymoon to Greece.

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    Caligula Went To A Wedding And Left With The Bride

    Caligula Went To A Wedding And Left With The Bride
    Photo: Louis le Grand / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Gaius Piso made the poor decision of inviting Emperor Caligula to his wedding. When Caligula showed up to the banquet, Gaius told the emperor not to touch his soon-to-be wife Livia Orestilla. So, naturally, Caligula stole her, married her, then banished her to an island where she was forbidden to sleep with anyone ever again. Moral of the story? Don't tell Caligula he can't do something.

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    Nero Got Nasty With His Mom

    For Emperor Nero's mother, Agrippina, merely being the mother of the emperor wasn't enough. Early in his rule as a teenager, Agrippina had a heavy hand in his decision-making. Rumors spread that she reinforced her influence with her body. Stories spread about Nero's relationship with a consort who suspiciously resembled his mother as well as a public appearance together where his robes were noticeably stained.

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    Tiberius Went Skinny Dipping with Young Boys

    Pushing the depths of depravity, stories said Emperor Tiberius trained young boys to fulfill his physical needs. He liked to go swimming with them, then have them lick and nibble him "between his thighs." He called them "tiddlers."

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    Caligula Had A Favorite Sister

    Although it's been said he took all of his sisters to bed, Caligula's favorite was allegedly Drusilla. Stories said their grandmother caught them in bed together when they were still minors. Later in life, he took Drusilla from her husband. When she died, Caligula declared an entire season of public mourning.

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    Nero Dressed Up As Animals For His Sexcapades

    Nero Dressed Up As Animals For His Sexcapades
    Photo: Wolfgang Sauber / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Nero may have had a weird childhood, but not even the most uncommon upbringing could explain his most ferocious urges. Stories said he liked to play a game where he dressed in animal skins, was let loose from a cage, and went to town on defenseless men and women who were tied to stakes.

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