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Of all the genres on televison that fans never seem to get tired of, shows about crime and justice seem to be high on that list. Whether it's law enforcement officers tracking down bad guys or the lawyers prosecuting the criminals, fans are always invested. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding some of the most beloved shows and series about crime and justice.

Check out these crime and justice tv show fan theories below, and don't forget to vote!

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    Rosa Diaz Is A CIA Agent In 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

    From Redditor u/grambocrackah:

    This theory pieces together some of the very few things that we know about Rosa:

    1. She's highly secretive, to the point that even her closest friends know very little about her.
    2. She trained and competed as a ballerina and gymnast in her youth, probably traveling frequently
    3. She's incredibly fit, highly advanced in hand-to-hand combat, a skilled driver and pilot, and proficient with the use of several different weapons.
    4. She moves apartments regularly and always in secret.
    5. She maintains several different identities, even once claiming that "Rosa Diaz" is not her real name.
    6. She has a bug-out plan in place if she ever needs to escape the city/state/country.
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    Mike's Alcoholism In 'Better Call Saul' Was All Part Of His Plan

    Mike's Alcoholism In 'Better Call Saul' Was All Part Of His Plan
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    From Redditor u/rincewind4x2:

    In the episode 'Five-0', we see Mike's backstory where he kills the two cops who murdered his son, by luring them into a false sense of security by pretending he is far drunker than he actually is then shooting them.

    The thing is though: we saw him drinking quite a bit that night, and even if he didn't he still would have had to have drunk enough to convince the bartender and everyone else that he was drunk, after all he couldn't have nursed a few whiskeys until closing time. Yet at a moments notice he sobers up enough to kill the two cops

    So here's how I think he did it: what we know about Mike is that he is smart, tough, and also very patient, facts we see all through Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I think that he planned that moment from his son's death, and that all that the previous months and months of binge drinking was a way to raise his resistance to alcohol, so he could drink enough to appear drunk by most peoples standards yet still maintaining enough control of his motor functions in order to carry out his plan.

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    Harry Thought Dexter Was His Biological Son In 'Dexter'

    Harry Thought Dexter Was His Biological Son In 'Dexter'
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    From Redditor u/AdamGreenwood1072:

    I initially thought that Harry Morgan may be Dexter's biological father as well as adopted but then I was reminded of an episode in Season One where Dexter's father was identified with DNA confirmation. I therefore adapted my theory. While he later learned that Dexter was not his son, I believe it is quite possible that Harry believed he was when he decided to adopt him. My reasoning is as follows:

    We know that Harry was sleeping with Laura Moser, among others, but we do not know exactly how long this had been going on for. It is quite possible that she already had Brian (AKA Rudy, The Ice-Truck Killer) when they met but had Dexter during their relationship.

    My main reason for thinking that Harry believed Dexter to be his was that, when he found both children together in their mother's blood, he took Dexter but left Brian. I never bought the idea that he thought Brian was already too damaged but that Dexter was potentially young enough to be "saved". A man compassionate enough to take in an orphan, whether driven by guilt at having got his mother killed or not, would surely not be cold-hearted enough to write off another young child in a split-second decision.

    If, however, Harry believed Dexter but not Brian to be his biological (but secret) child, then his actions suddenly make a lot more sense.

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    Shawn Actually Does Have A Supernatural Power In 'Psych'

    From Redditor u/TheZenMann:

    So, we all know that Shawn isn't really Psychic. What he does have is brilliant powers of deduction and a very good memory. But he also has something that I most of the time just didn't think about. He has extremely good vision. In the spanish soap opera episode, he spotted a hair from across the room in an evidence bag. Another time he was able to clearly read from a small cellphone even though he was standing quite a distance from the phone. In fact I think he does it on almost every episode. So, similliar to how Gus has the supersniffer, he has the supervision.

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    The Cabbie's Poison Pills In 'Sherlock' Were Actually Medication

    From Redditor u/Realslimslendy:

    Ok so I've been seeing a lot of posts here recently about how the water was poisoned or both pills were poison or something along those lines. Here's my theory: the taxi driver tells Sherlock that he has a brain aneurysm and is dying. A brain aneurysm, for those who don't know, kills you by causing an artery in the brain to burst. Some common medications used to treat aneurysms are calcium channel blockers and anti-seizure medication. The taxi driver had the aneurysm for a while before starting the killings so he has probably built up a resistance to these medications. His trick is that the pills are the same, except while they are keeping him alive, calcium channel blocker overdose causes violent cardiac arrest and hypotension in his victims. Sherlock got the first part of the trick, that the driver was dying, and the taxi driver gave him an opportunity to figure it out by telling him exactly what is killing him. Sherlock expected and wanted it to be fair play, and that's why he failed.

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    Neal Knew Mozzie Would End Up With The Money In 'White Collar'

    From Redditor u/paperclip1213:

    TL;DR Neal knew he'd die so he went on with the final end game knowing he can make money for Moz to retire with.

    I finished watching the series, with that ending I wish I never started it. I can be heartless at the best times, but Mozzie's breakdown killed me.

    What got to me, however, was that Peter got such a great goodbye from Neal who told him he was his best friend. He got to see him in his "last moments" and he got to say bye. But Mozzie got nothing. Neal never said bye to Moz. I thought throughout the series it was made clear that Moz was a 'better' best friend to Neal than Peter. So why didn't he get the goodbye?

    Moz got something better. He got $23mil. To help him since he lost everything under Teddy Winters Neal has been stealing money here and there for Moz. (I can't remember the exact episode but shortly after Teddy Winters 'died' Neal took $2mil for Moz which he was really grateful for.) Neal went into this ultimate end game knowing he'd "die", but he also knew it was a chance to help Moz in an incredible way. He told Moz to take $30mil. We, the audience, and Moz and Keller assumed they would split it three ways. What we didn't realise was that Neal planned the whole thing so that Moz would walk away with two shares instead of one.

    Neal kept saying to Moz it was too dangerous to bring him in because he knew exactly how the story would end. He kept him on the outside to keep him safe, away from the FBI's eyes, and also to help him start making another retirement plan with that $23mil.

    Now the next part is speculation, but judging by the Bordeaux that appeared in the end I feel I can safely assume Neal will be making a return in one way or another for Mozzie and have him join him in Paris.

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