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And So It Goes Movie Quotes

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"And So It Goes" movie quotes follows one angry old man whose life is changed when he takes over care of his granddaughter. The comedy movie was directed by Rob Reiner using a screenplay by Mark Andrus. Pushed back from an original opening date of July 11, "And So It Goes" opened in theaters in the United States on July 25, 2014.

In "And So It Goes," Oren Little (Michael Douglas) is an unpleasant man to say the least. Living a comfortable life as a successful realtor, however, he sees little issue with his obnoxious demeanor, which he shares with his few friends including Leah (Diane Keaton) and Claire (Frances Sternhagen) and clients Ray (Maurice Jones) and Kennedy (Yaya DaCosta).

Oren's life is interrupted when his estranged son, Luke (Scott Shepherd), arrives with a granddaughter, Sarah (Sterling Jerins), he didn't know existed and asks Oren to watch her while he goes to prison. Though Oren isn't initially interested, with the help of Leah and Claire, Oren might just have something to learn from this smart little girl.

"And So It Goes" has stiff competition at the box office opening alongside "Planes: Fire & Rescue," "Sex Tape," "Dawn of Planet of the Apes," "A Long Way Down," "Tammy," "Earth to Echo," "Deliver Us from Evil," "Transformers: Age of Extinction," "Snowpiercer," "Begin Again," "They Came Together," "Think Like a Man Too," "22 Jump Street, "How to Train Your Dragon 2," "Hellion," "The Rover," The Fault in Our Stars," "Edge of Tomorrow," "A Million Ways to Die in the West," "Maleficent," "Night Moves," "Filth," "Blended," and "X-Men: Days of Future Past."
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    And You'll Get Hit by a Bus

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    Oren: "Touch my car and I'll have you spayed."
    Kate: "Neutered"
    Oren: "For pete's sake, cut their hair! … Is what you're about to say really worth what I'm about to say back?"

    Oren: "This house is $8 million."
    Ted: "The house is not worth eight million."
    Oren: "And you'll get hit by a bus if the driver does what he's paid to do."

    Oren: "Complain to the manager."
    Ray: "We have."
    Oren: "Well did she happen to mention that I own this building?"

    Leah: "I'm 65!"
    Oren: "I've sold houses older than you you, all right, and in a lot worse condition."
    Leah: "That makes me feel good."
    Oren: "It's a compliment."

    Oren: "I messed up. I need a woman's perspective and you're the closest thing to it."
    Claire: "You always could charm me."

    In a typical day in Oren's life, he interacts with lots of folks, his coworkers, his neighbors and his customers. The constant is that he's kind of a jerk to everyone in his path and he sees little wrong with that life.
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    This Is What Happens When You Have Sex

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    Oren: "What are you doing?"
    Kennedy: "Having my baby!"
    Oren: "No, you can't do that."
    Kennedy: "It's not up to me."
    Oren: [to Sarah] "See this is what happens when you have sex."

    Oren: "See, I can make anybody cry!"

    Oren is not amused when he sees a client giving birth in his office. Despite his attempts, he cannot stop the labor, instead takes the time to make this into a teaching lesson for his granddaughter.
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    I Need You to Take Care of My Daughter

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    Luke: "I need you to take care of my daughter while I'm gone."

    Oren: "What do you think you're doing?"
    Luke: "It's just nine months."
    Oren: "I told you I have no room."
    Leah: "What's going on?"
    Oren: "It's my son. He's on his way to jail."
    Leah: "Wait, who's that?"
    Oren: "That's my granddaughter. She's probably Guatemalan… He had sex with the maid once."
    Luke: "Dad, this is Sarah. Sarah this is… your Oren."
    Oren: "Nice to meet you."

    Oren's estranged son arrives with a granddaughter Oren didn't know existed in tow. As Luke is going to jail and needs Oren to watch Sarah during that time, all of their lives are about to change.
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    Only If You Do It Wrong

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    Oren: "You want one slice of bologna or two?"
    Sarah: "Two, with one cheese in the middle."
    Oren: "All right, you got it."
    Sarah: "No mayo, butter"
    Oren: "I knew that."
    Sarah: "Where are you escaping to, Oren?"
    Oren: "I'm moving to Vermont."
    Sarah: "More butter please"
    Oren: "Would you like to do this yourself?"
    Sarah: "Only if you do it wrong."

    Oren: "You're going to make someone a great wife someday."

    Oren learns about his granddaughter, Sarah, during a sandwich making process. He learns that she's quite particular, though will someday make a good wife.
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