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Behind-The-Scenes Stories About André The Giant In ‘The Princess Bride’

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The Princess Bride is a beloved film remembered for fencing, fighting, revenge, true love, miracles, and of course, André the Giant. The cast and crew have plenty of stories about André Roussimoff and his time working on the set of The Princess Bride, and they've shared many of these since the film's 1987 release and Roussimoff's passing in 1993Their tales prove that the audience wasn't the only group enthralled by the gentle giant.

Over the years, numerous stories have cropped up about the making of The Princess Bride, but despite the film's numerous memorable characters, much of the fascination falls squarely upon Roussimoff's shoulders. These are some of the best behind-the-scenes stories about André the Giant from the making of The Princess Bride.

  • Christopher Guest Shook His Hand Every Day To See His Own Hand 'Disappear'

    Roussimoff didn't earn his "Giant" moniker simply because of his height - all of his body proportions were massive compared to those around him. When Christopher Guest, who played the six-fingered Count Tyrone Rugen, met Roussimoff, he shook his hand to see his own disappear in the wrestler's massive fist.

    They repeated this practice each time they met, as Guest couldn't get enough of seeing such a massive hand holding his own. He said:

    I don’t know if you know this about [Roussimoff], but he was very large. I couldn’t wait every morning to shake his hand, because that feeling was like a guy with five catcher’s mitts. Your hand would just disappear into his.

  • Chris Sarandon's Children Screamed When They First Saw Him

    When Chris Sarandon, who played the infamous Prince Humperdinck, told his children he was working with a giant, they peppered their father with questions about Roussimoff's size.

    When they finally met him, however, their reaction was less than enthusiastic - rather than walking up to greet the actor, they ran screaming.


  • He Told Billy Crystal He Loved Living On A Farm Because The Animals 'Didn't Look Twice At Him'

    Roussimoff's childhood was difficult due to his unusual size. He grew accustomed to stares throughout his life, and while he managed to make a career off of his size, he didn't appreciate gawkers.

    He once told Billy Crystal, who played Miracle Max, about his farm in North Carolina, saying "he loved walking with the animals because they [didn't] look twice at him."

  • During Filming, He Was Allegedly Tailed By A Cop Because He Had Accidentally Injured Someone

    When filming wrapped on The Princess Bride, Cary Elwes and Roussimoff spent a night out on the town in Manhattan. While sharing a drink at P.J. Clarke's on Third Avenue, Elwes noticed a man watching them from a nearby table. He didn't appear to be a typical fan but instead seemed to be stalking them. The actors left the bar for a different watering hole, but Elwes again noticed the same man following them.

    Elwes asked his companion if he noticed the man tailing them, to which Roussimoff responded that he was an undercover police officer. The wrestler explained that he was bar-hopping on a previous evening and had fallen over while waiting for a car. He accidentally injured a person walking by, and ever since, the NYPD had been tailing him. According to Roussimoff, “They said it was for my own safety.”