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15 Stories That Prove André The Giant Was A Once-In-A-Lifetime Legend

Andre the Giant - born Andre Roussimoff in Grenoble, France, in 1946 - was a true giant among men. He suffered from acromegaly, also known as giantism, which caused his body to produce excess growth hormones throughout his whole life.  Roussimoff outgrew his friends and family quickly, and was 6'3'' and 200 pounds by the age of twelve and 6'7'' when he was 17. 

He soared above his competitors at 6 feet, 11 inches tall (although he was tauted to be 7'4") and made a name for himself in the ring as well as in Hollywood. His role as Fezzik, the endearing giant from The Princess Bride, was only one of his many acting jobs. Roussimoff's life was plagued by health problems due to his condition but it's his hilarious pranks, kind heart, and ability to pound drinks that make for the best André the Giant stories. 

  • He Once Drank Over 100 Beers In 45 Minutes

    André like beer and proved it with the large amounts he could drink at one time. One of his friends claimed that he once drank 117 bottles of German beer in a night. Other stories have André drinking 106 beers and cleared out every bit of vodka on a flight from Chicago to Japan with his manager and fellow wrestler Ric Flair. 

    He once drank 102 beers in 45 minutes during an hour layover in the Tampa airport and his record was 156 beers in one sitting.

  • He Was A Prankster And Used To Move People's Cars

    André used his size to have fun. He would move his friends' cars while they ate dinner, either turning it in the other direction or putting it into an incredibly small space.

    He also used his size to protect himself. People would try to fight André - often while drunk.  On one occasion, a drunk lumberjack approached André, and he politely told him he did not want to fight. He even offered to buy the lumberjack a drink, but it wasn't soothing him.

    The lumberjack cursed and lunged at Andre, who then grabbed him by the neck and belt and chucked him across the room, breaking his ribs. 

  • Photo: watts_photos / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    He Was Offered A Position On The Washington Redskins

    In 1975, Washington Redskins director of player personnel, Tim Temerario, called up the World Wrestling Federation to offer André the Giant a job. He wanted him to play on the Redskins' defensive line, which was struggling at the time. No tryout was ever held but given André's size, he would have been a good addition.

    For context, when William "the Refrigerator" Perry was approached for Wrestlemania 2 in 1986, an event that pitted the NFL against the WWE, Perry was just 6'2" and 302 pounds. The WWF/WWE listed André the Giant's height at 7'4" tall with a weight of 500 pounds.

  • As A Kid, Playwright Samuel Beckett Used To Drive Him To School

    As the story goes, when André was a young boy in France, he had to walk to school because he was too big for the school bus and his parents didn't have a car that could carry his weight. Nobel prize winning playwright Samuel Becket had land near the Roussimoff home and, after André's father, Boris, helped Becket build his cottage, the two men became friends. 

    After Beckett learned of the trouble André was having getting to school, he offered to drive him in his truck. The two chatted on their rides, usually about cricket.