Weird History Andrew Jackson Owned A 1,400 Pound Block Of Cheese, And It Was A Real Problem  

Rebecca High

What kind of gift does one give to the leader of the free world? The answer, according to this video, is an enormous block of cheese.

Andrew Jackson isn't remembered as the greatest guy, or even the greatest president, for that matter. He was responsible for pushing Native Americans further west on the Trail of Tears during early American expansion, and earned much of his pre-political fortune via slave trading.

But Jackson did do something really cool, at least for the citizens of Washington DC, after he was gifted a massive, 1,400 pound block of cheddar cheese. On February 22, 1837, he hosted "Big Block of Cheese Day" in the main hall of the White House. Thousands of local citizens came to dine on cheese and hobnob with legislators. 

Even cheese is political, but it's arguably the best kind of politics. As the video below illustrates, this famous American political occasion arose simply because Jackson had too much cheese on his hands, though just how and why he came into possession of so much cheese is a fascinating story in its own right.