Unspeakable Crimes Your Teen Crush From The Early 2000s Runs A Cult Now  

Carly Silver
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From Tom Cruise to Neil Young, there's a long history of celebrities that are in cults. But few have actually founded one, though '90s heartthrob Andrew Keegan is the exception to that rule. The Ten Things I Hate About You and Seventh Heaven star co-founded a California spiritual community called Full Circle. His espousal of crystals and meditation has led some to ask, What happened to Andrew Keegan?

The answer: he's gone down the New Age route, having started a group like-minded faith and healing seekers in 2014. But is Andrew Keegan a cult leader? Very possibly, as the Oxford English Dictionary defines a cult as "a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or as imposing excessive control over members." But decide for yourself by reading this list of Andrew Keegan cult facts if this religion merits "cult" status...

The Cult Got Busted For Serving Illegal Kombucha


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Very much in vein with the New Age, nature-centric beliefs espoused by his community, Keegan and Full Circle eat a lot of healthy foods. That includes the fermented beverage kombucha, which has low alcohol levels. In 2015, agents from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control busted Full Circle members for selling kombucha - the brand Kombucha Dog, in particular. They received a misdemeanor for selling alcohol without a permit.

People Meditate Using Water Crystals To Solve The Middle East Crisis

Keegan really loves rose quartz - which symbolizes love - and uses other types of crystals, too, to enact change.

He told Vice:

"We're very much scientifically, spiritually, and emotionally aware of how it works, meaning that there's power in the crystals, there's power in our hearts, there's an alignment, there's a resonance... and it transfers through water."

One service a Vice journalist attended involved temple-goers praying over "water crystals." What were they praying for? Resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.  

The Church Has A Communal Pet Parrot Named Krishna

Keegan and his followers maintain a community pet in their headquarters, called "the Rose Temple." Their pet of choice? Krishna, a large talking parrot, whose name in line with his religion's appropriation of Hindu beliefs. 

They Sold Crystals To Stop From Going Broke

When the building in which the "Rose Temple" was housed went up for sale, Full Circle decided to crowdfund. By the end of 2016, they had to raise $111,000, but didn't reach their goal. In an effort to avoid moving, Full Circle made the move to create a campaign called #GIVEHeart on Generosity.com. What was involved? They sold rose quartz bracelets that had been prayed over.