Weird History

This 1800s Scientist Tried To Create Real-Life Frankensteins By Electrocuting Corpse Brains

In 1818, a real life Frankenstein experiment took place at the hands of a man named Andrew Ure. Coincidentally, that same year, Mary Shelley published her tale of an electrically reanimated corpse, Frankenstein. Shelley and Ure were not alone in this strange project, however. During the early 1800s, many scientists were fascinated by the idea that electricity could potentially bring a body back to life. 

Scottish professor Andrew Ure was one of those scientists. Although he was a chemistry professor (and knew almost nothing about electricity), he jumped right on board and performed an experiment on a human man. Andrew Ure's Frankenstein was a convicted murderer who had just been hung at the gallows.

Ure's experiment in reanimation horrified and fascinated the general public. So who was the man he tried to bring back to life, and how did he do it?