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Movies/films with performances by actor/actress Andy Lau in the Martial arts genre. Starring, supporting, cameo appearances. Alphabetical, sortable by columns.
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Drunken Master II is a 1994 Hong Kong kung fu film directed by Lau Kar-leung and Jackie Chan, who stars as Chinese folk hero, Wong Fei-hung. It was Chan's first traditional style martial arts film since The Young Master and Dragon Lord. The film was released in North America as The Legend of Drunken Master in 2000. The film is a follow-up to Chan's 1978 film Drunken Master, directed by Yuen Woo-ping, but not a direct storyline sequel. Another film, Drunken Master III features little in common with either this or its predecessor, and is not considered a sequel. In 2005, Drunken Master II was named one of the top 100 best films of all time by Time magazine. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Anita Mui, Lau Kar-leung, Ken Lo, + more

Initial Release: 1994

Directed by: Jackie Chan, Lau Kar-leung

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House of Flying Daggers is a 2004 wuxia film directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Andy Lau, Zhang Ziyi and Takeshi Kaneshiro. Unlike other wuxia films, it is more of a love story than a straight martial arts film. The use of strong colors is a signature of Zhang Yimou's work. Several scenes in a bamboo forest completely fill the screen with green. Near the end of the film, a fight scene is set in a blizzard. The actors and blood are greatly highlighted on a whiteout background. Another scene uses bright yellow as a color theme. The costumes, props, and decorations were taken almost entirely from Chinese paintings of the period, adding authenticity to the look of the film . The film opened in ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Zhang Ziyi, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Song Dandan, Lin Zhu, + more

Initial Release: 2004

Directed by: Zhang Yimou

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Island of Fire is a 1990 Hong Kong action film directed by Chu Yen-ping, and starring Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Sammo Hung, Tony Leung Ka-fai and Barry Wong. It was shot in Taiwan and the Philippines. As with both of those earlier films, recent DVD and VHS releases market Island of Fire & Jackie Chan Is the Prisoner as a Jackie Chan film, displaying a Jackie Chan image on the cover as though the lead actor. In fact, Chan and only appears in a supporting role, with Tony Leung Ka-Fai as the central character. After appearing with Chan in Killer Meteors in 1976, the film's producer and co-star, Jimmy Wang Yu, came to Chan's aid when the then young actor sought his help in settling a dispute with ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Jimmy Wang, Barry Wong

Initial Release: 1990

Directed by: Chu Yen-ping

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The Warlords, previously known as The Blood Brothers, is a 2007 epic war film directed by Peter Chan and starring Jet Li, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Xu Jinglei. The film was released on December 13, 2007 simultaneously in most of Asia, except Japan. The film is set in the 1860s, during the Taiping Rebellion in the late Qing Dynasty in China and centers on the sworn brotherhood of three men. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Jet Li, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Xu Jinglei, Jacky Heung, + more

Initial Release: 2007

Directed by: Peter Chan, Wai Man Yip

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