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All of Andy Samberg's SNL Characters, Ranked

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Thinking about the best Andy Samberg Saturday Night Live characters conjures up an image in one's head. Perhaps you think of his "D*ck in a Box" character, one of many SNL digital shorts, or perhaps you think of one of his more subtle roles, like Liam, The Teenager Who Just Woke Up. Whatever it may be, it's undeniable that he made a huge impact on the show.

This is a collection of Andy Samberg's best original characters from his seven-year tenure on SNL. It's been pre-ranked, but if you don't agree with the order of this list, you can re-rank it. So go ahead, take a walk down Samberg's SNL memory lane and cast your vote.
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    Equal parts Andy Samberg and Blizzard Man, Samberg portrayed Andy alongside Justin Timberlake in the iconic "D*ck In a Box," "Motherlover," and "3-Way (The Golden Rule)" videos. These videos were undeniably the most popular of Samberg's SNL tenure. 
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      Blizzard Man

      Blizzard Man is essentially the same character as Andy from "D*ck in a Box," but with far less ability to deliver lines. With Blizz, Samberg made the "white boy attempting to rap in an overly-ironic tone" archetype comedy gold. Please, no one else attempt to do this.
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        Mort Mort Feingold

        Portrayed as a stereotypical Jewish accountant, Mort Mort Feingold: Accountant to the Stars criticizes celebrities's lives to their faces in a way that the public only wishes they could. It's definitely a fun sketch but it exists mostly as a way for SNL cast members to get as many of their characters on screen as possible.
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          T'Shane is the sidekick to Deep House Dish DJ Dynasty Handbag, and Samberg does about as much with it as you can hope. He gets some laughs when he mispronounces people's names, but it's ultimately not Samberg's best.
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