Artist And Infamous Weirdo Andy Warhol Was So Obsessed With Batman, He Made A Movie About Him

The name Andy Warhol brings to mind Campbell’s soups, pop art, and maybe even The Velvet Underground. The one thing that doesn't come to mind when considering Warhol is Batman. As it turns out, though, Andy Warhol made a Batman fan film in The Factory right around the time that he worked on screen prints of American iconography. The film, Batman Dracula, is the first of many Batman fan films to transform the decidedly grim character into a more complex version of himself. 

Andy Warhol produced films at an astonishing rate during the '60s and '70s, creating about 30 movies a year for his personal exhibitions. The movies aren't exactly atypical representations of American cinema, however. They’re quickly filmed, heavily edited, and devoid of much narrative. The Andy Warhol Batman movie is certainly representative of the artist’s other work from 1964 and it provides a fascinating look into the obsessions of the world’s most famous modern artist.