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The Most Important Angel Numbers You Should Know

Updated June 21, 2021 1.7k views30 items
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If you're looking for signals from the universe, then you want to pay attention to angel numbers. These are short recurring sequences of one particular number a person may see over and over again. For example, every time you glance at a clock, you may start to realize that it always says "11:11." And once those numbers keep popping up in your life, you won't be able to ignore them. 

These sequences are no coincidence. Everyone has a guardian angel looking out for them, and some will communicate to those of us on Earth through numerical sequences. Numbers play a vital role in all of our lives, and even if you're unaware of angel number meanings, you likely know of a few numbers that hold significance. For example, seven is lucky while 13 is unlucky. Some common angel numbers like 111, 222, and 1212 may just impact how you go about your days. 

What's your angel number? Have you noticed any of these sequences popping up in your life lately. If anything, this list should be a reminder to pay a little more attention to the small details in everyday life. 

  • 11/111/1111

    Constantly seeing ones everywhere, such as on the face of a clock when it's 11:11, means you're an original, inventive, and progressive individual.

  • 22/222/2222

    Seeing these numbers means you are on a path of personal growth. As long as you patiently follow these numbers, you will eventually locate success. 

  • 33/333/3333

    You don't let inhibitions stand in your way of glory. You're a strong-willed individual who's not afraid to work toward your goals. 

  • 44/444/4444

    Seeing fours everywhere means you are going through a difficult time right now. This is a time in your life where you need to develop yourself. You also shouldn't be afraid of rejecting something if you genuinely don't feel it's right for you. 

  • 55/555/555

    When you start seeing fives, it means you're about to go through an immense change in life. This can either be a good or bad change, but you need to remember your guardian angels are there looking out for you no matter what. 

  • 66/666/6666

    The number six is believed to be related to finance. You can expect greater wealth to be part of your near future. 

  • 77/777/7777

    Seven is the most spiritual number. You should be focused on your own personal spirituality and how you can grow as a person by helping others. 

  • 88/888/8888

    "888" tends to represent prosperity. You can expect a number of non-tangible assets to enter your life, such as love, luck, and health. 

  • 99/999/9999

    Nine tends to appear when you are nearing the end of a journey. You may be getting ready to graduate from school or about to switch jobs. 

  • 1212

    You are going in the right direction and need to continue down that path.

  • 399/339

    You need to remember not to be held back by fear. Let go of things you can't control and don't ultimately help you down your journey. 

  • 83/8833

    Make sure to remember to take care of yourself. Life is a long journey, so don't forget to stop and replenish your energy when you need to. 

  • 72/7722

    Combinations of sevens and twos often mean you're about to come into great luck. These numbers often appear to people who are about to have a child or land a new job. 

  • 633/6363

    The universe is there to support you. It is reminding you that you always deserve the good things that you reap in this life. 

  • 588

    Change is about to come your way. You will be loved as you undergo this transformation. 

  • 446/4646

    You're paying too much attention to material possessions. You need to start being more introspective to find greater happiness. 

  • 000

    You should make sure to always look for the presence of God within you. 

  • 1010

    This is a message of encouragement. Some of your greatest successes will come when you have a positive mindset guiding you through life. 

  • 100

    You have something new and unique to add to a given situation. Your own inner wisdom can sometimes be your greatest guide when it comes to navigating new scenarios and unfamiliar paths. 

  • 200

    It can pay off to listen to that inner voice inside yourself. Listen to your soul more often, and you'll find positive vibes throughout the universe guiding you. 

  • 300

    The universe wants you to start developing your spiritual gifts further. Angelic guidance is always there for you, and you need to pay attention in more detail. 

  • 400

    "400" is an exceptional number to see as it means you have a solid foundation of the four spiritual pillars of virtue, faith, hope and wisdom. You are in a great position to influence both your life and the lives of those around you. 

  • 1017

    "1017" means the angels want to get in touch with you to tell you to be strong in the face of adversity. You will have various relationships throughout your life, both romantic and professional. When you see "1017," it means you need to be the strong one in your relationships. 

  • 1022

    The angels wish for you to discover new horizons. Now is the time to be bold and do something you maybe have never done before. 

  • 1033

    You need to relinquish any doubts you're currently carrying. Fear has no place in your life, and now is the time to replace it with passion.