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Awesome Angela Bassett Interviews For All The 'AHS' Aficionados

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Angela Bassett first joined the American Horror Story family in season three (Coven) as voodoo queen Marie Laveau, a role she'd go on to reprise in Apocalypse. She easily won the hearts of the fans with that character alone, but then she went on to do even more great work as Desiree of Freakshow, Ramona of Hotel, and Monet of Roanoke. All of these roles cemented her as a key cast member and fan favorite, and her influence on the show even extends to behind the camera, as she's directed a couple of episodes in addition to acting. 

Simply put, the show just wouldn't be the same without her. So, in appreciation of the amazing actress, here are some of our favorite interviews and funny interview moments with the one and only Angela Bassett!