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Crazy Cats: The Most Angry Cats on the Internet

Cats often get a bad rap for being insane, and unfortunately these felines only further the stereotype. For one reason or another these crazy cats are angry, and boy do their claws come out in a bad way. Whether it's attacking a veterinarian or even turning on their owners, these are mad cats that you don't want to cross paths with.

One of these cats is so pissed off that it attacks a dog that's 5 times its size! These cats are screaming, moaning, and howling, so if you own a cat then don't play these videos in front of it, or else it might go into psycho mode itself.

Vote up the most psycho, craziest, scariest cat videos below and steer clear of the feline fiends.
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    Cat Goes Into Battle Mode

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    Ok This Cat Is Definitely Possessed

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    Bon Jovi Doesn't Want Your Love

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    Cat Is Displeased With Owners Having a Visitor Over

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