The Gloomiest Teens in Film History

Teenagers: are any of them actually happy? If we’re judging from teenage movie characters the answer would be no. The spectrum of teenage characters across the entire history of film is littered with depressed characters clad in black and bummed out forever. Regardless of whether the teens are played by actual teens or in the case of a few characters on this list – super old adults – they’re gloomy and beloved the world over. In every teen movie since the '80s it seems like it’s a requirement to feature one, if not an entire gaggle, of depressed teenager characters. Even so, you might be having trouble naming more than a few angsty teen characters. If you need some help, check out this rundown of the gloomiest teens in film history.

There are a few archetypes for angsty teen film characters. The goth, the super depressed regular kid, the legit manic pixie dream girl, the regular kid who doesn’t know if he or she is actually depressed or not, and the spooky kid. Which are your favorite type of gloomy teenager characters? With which do you identify the most? If it’s the super depressed regular kid, you might to need talk to a friend after checking out this list of the gloomiest teens in film history.

But, if you’re feeling not so angsty, vote up the most angsty teenagers in film below, and if you didn’t see your favorite depressed teen on the list, feel free to add them. Maybe it’ll finally put a smile on their face!
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