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Graveyard Shift
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Is The ‘Anguished Man’ A Legitimately Haunted Painting?

Updated 22 May 2020 2.6k views12 items

In the summer of 2010, UK resident Sean Robinson inherited an eerie painting previously owned by his superstitious grandmother. She kept it locked up in her home out of fear that it was a haunted object that attracted the presence of a shadowy, ghost-like figure. The painting was called "The Anguished Man," and she believed it was inherently evil.

Robinson was skeptical about its horrific origins but kept the painting regardless - he simply didn’t believe in objects that are cursed. However, he and his family started noticing strange things happening from the very day they brought the painting home. They noticed doors shutting on their own, strange ghostly lights appearing around the painting, and the sound of a man crying. They even claimed to witness a dark figure of a man, who accompanied the painting wherever it went.

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