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Is The ‘Anguished Man’ A Legitimately Haunted Painting?  

Inigo Gonzalez
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In the summer of 2010, UK resident Sean Robinson inherited an eerie painting previously owned by his superstitious grandmother. She kept it locked up in her home, out of fear it was a haunted object that attracted the presence of a shadowy ghost-like figure. The painting was called ‘The Anguished Man,’ and she believed it was inherently evil.

Robinson was skeptical about its horrific origins, but kept the painting regardless; he simply didn’t believe in objects that are cursed. However, he and his family started noticing strange things happening from the very day they brought the painting home. They noticed doors shutting, strange ghostly lights appearing around it, and the sound of a man crying. They even witnessed a dark figure of a man, who accompanied the painting wherever it went.

The Artist Mixed His Own Blood Into The Paint
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According to Robinson’s deceased grandmother, the anonymous artist who originally created the painting was incredibly disturbed. The painter was so obsessed with his creation, he even mixed his own blood into the paint. Just as alarmingly, he committed suicide shortly after completing the painting.

She stated she had received it as a gift from someone, but was so creeped out by it she kept it under lock and key in the attic for 25 years. 

A Shadowy Figure Always Came With The Painting
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Perhaps the creepiest anecdote Robinson’s grandmother noted about the painting was the fact it came with a visitor. She said the moment it went into her house, she started to see a dark figure of a man in the corners of her home. Strange, unexplainable noises also started happening, such as crying and moaning. These all happened mostly at night. And then after Robinson took the painting, his family saw and heard the apparition as well. 

The noises have been getting worse. We have heard crying coming from the corner of our bedroom. We started seeing the dark figure standing at the bottom of the bed, just staring at us. It seems to be a middle aged man, but his features are not very clear.

The Painting's Owner Uploaded Footage Of The Hauntings
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Photo:  Sean Robinson/YouTube

After the family started noticing strange occurrences around the house, Robinson decided to set up a camera at night. He intended to keep an eye on the painting, to see if it really was haunted. When he reviewed his footage, he was absolutely shocked at what it recorded. Things moved around, weird noises kept happening, and ghostly lights kept appearing.

He then decided to keep a video journal of the painting, and recorded it to see what else it would do. Then he uploaded his videos to a YouTube channel, where some of them even garnered over a million views.

The Owner’s Wife Refused To Be In The Same House

Due to all the strange things happening in his home, Robinson’s wife was understandably creeped out. What probably pushed her over the edge was one day, she woke up in bed and a frightening figure was laying right next to her. She was so traumatized by it, she didn’t want to be in the same house as the painting. As a compromise, Robinson instead opted to keep it in the basement. It didn’t stay there long, however - the basement suddenly got flooded, and they were forced to relocate the painting back upstairs. And the hauntings came back along with it.