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13 'Animal Crossing' Fan Theories That Are Crazy Enough To Be True

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As one of the biggest and most beloved series of all time, Animal Crossing places players in their own private island. Making friends, improving your home, and basically living the good life are all big parts of the game, and while the simulation series has gone on to amass a horde of new fans (and memes) with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are plenty of unanswered questions concerning Tom Nook, Isabelle, and the rest of the villagers you get to hang out with.

Throughout five console releases and three spin-offs, the growing world of Animal Crossing is definitely more complicated than it looks. Sure, the gameplay may seem simple, but that hasn't stopped a plethora of fan theories popping up on sites like Reddit speculating about Tom Nook’s potentially dark backstory, Coco’s real identity, and more. 

There have been plenty of Animal Crossing fan theories to emerge over the years, but which ones do you think (if any) hold any weight? 

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    Tom Nook Practices Libertarian Socialism

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    Many players view Tom Nook as the money-grubbing businessman who provides you with loans to build your house. However, Redditor /u/1945BestYear points out that Nook's economic beliefs more closely align with libertarian socialism and the economic theories of mutualism than traditional capitalism. 

    When you look at Tom Nook's business models, he primarily operates under three guiding principles: free markets, user ownership, and minimal or zero interest rates. He doesn't just give away houses, but he also doesn't try to turn a profit off of them. We see this further in New Leaf when Tom Nook hands over his business to Timmy and Tommy, allowing them to graduate into business ownership while escaping from their apprenticeships. 

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    Your Character Ran Away From Home

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    In every Animal Crossing game, your character starts out with nothing and no money. As Redditor /u/eddmario points out, you end up on an island all by yourself, yet throughout the game, you receive letters and packages from anonymous sources. The fan theory states that your character ran away from home. This would explain why you wouldn't have a place to stay when you first arrive. You just wanted to get away from your parents and begin a new life in an entirely new community. Diving a little deeper into this theory:

    To add on to this, there are 2 characters throughout the entire series you do not ever see, yet they still send you mail and you cannot send mail to: your parents. Now, why can you receive mail from them, but not send any to them at all? I'll leave you guys to guess.

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    'New Leaf' Is One Giant Scam Your Character Gets Sucked Into

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    At the beginning of Animal Crossing: New Leaf,  you're riding on a train when someone comes up to you and asks you a bunch of personal questions. You never see this figure again, and before you know it, you are the mayor of a new village. But Redditor /u/delitomatoes suggests that this is all part of one big scam. After all, you don't make a salary as the mayor, and you have to pay money to enact laws. It's possible the villagers use this trick with every new sap who comes to town to try to get some free labor. 

    The villagers try this with each schumck that comes around every now and then, with varying levels of success, the brand new town was built by the previous schmuck who was killed and disposed off, the eldest townsperson pretends to be the previous mayor.

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    Shop Owners Really Don't Like Humans

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    In the original Animal Crossing, shop owners will follow you around in their stores. Redditor /u/ACFanlolxD2007 states this happens because all the animals are bigoted against humans. After all, the village is filled with animals, and you're the only human there. The game could be showcasing themes of xenophobia and racism by making you uncomfortable when you're in a shop and not doing anything wrong. 

    In the Animal Crossing series the player is the only human being in a world filled with animals; therefore a minority. Whenever you enter a shop in the town the owner of the shop will follow you anywhere you go and they will not stop until you leave. The reason? They don't want a filthy, dirty human stealing from their shop! Tom Nook works hard for his living and he can't have that uneducated, ugly, poor human trash ruining that for him.

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