50 Cool Custom Flag Designs For 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can create, show off, and share their own custom town flag designs. Located in the tailor shop, the custom design kiosk is a way to bring any original design to life in your island. Using Custom IDs, Designer IDs, and flag QR codes, gamers can hoist anything they desire to be proudly displayed at the top of their island's flag pole. 

Wondering how these QR codes work? You'll need to download the Nintendo app on your phone and sync your current Nintendo Switch Online account. Once your accounts are linked, all you need to do is scan or enter the code, import the design and customize it any way you want. While all these designs can work as standalone pieces, they particularly look great when you showcase them as flags.

Download a polished flag design and stylize your island to look exactly how you want it. Vote up all your favorite custom 'Animal Crossing' flag QR codes and tile designs so other readers won't have to scroll to find the best ones.

Most divisive: Maryland Flag