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Movies And TV Shows Recreated In Animal Crossing

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Animal Crossing players continue to show up and show out, and this time it's to prove their love of film and television. These New Horizons crossover designs will make you chuckle or wish you thought of it first. This list is also meant for inspiration, if you're after some Animal Crossing Midsommar vibes, there's plenty of aeshetics to pull from. Not so much a horror fan? Try recreating a classic sitcom apartment, like Jerry Seinfeld's or Ted Moseby's from How I Met Your Mother.  If you're running dry on creative energy, be sure to check out the innovative paintings Animal Crossing players have designed and shared. 

Villagers everywhere have been making Animal Crossing crossover designs with their favorite characters, but which are your favorites? Vote up the best flim and television creations from Animal Crossing: New Horizons below. 

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    Jurassic Park

    Photo: Nintendo

    By Redditor /u/daneccleston86

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    Hogwarts Great Hall

    Photo: Nintendo

    By Redditor /u/stehfeee

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    Spirited Away

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    Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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