All 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Villagers & Characters, Ranked

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Animal Crossing games may be all about creating your own private paradise (and decorating it with beautiful paintings), but everyone knows the real fun comes from interacting with all the colorful characters. In New Horizons, all of your favorite villagers are back and louder than ever. While some are set on hanging around the island, others are just passing by. This list includes each and every new and returning villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as well as all the adorable special characters like Flick and Daisy Mae. With hundreds of familiar faces (and a few new ones), your own little private island may not be as private as Tom Nook would've had you imagine. Fortunately, you can only invite 10 residents to hang out at a time, which means some villagers might be rarer than others.

Each Animal Crossing character features its own little set of adorable eccentricities, and some may prove to be more helpful than others. From Isabelle to Blathers and Celeste and more, vote up all most popular ACNH villagers, vote down all the characters and villagers you find annoying, and add any that may have recently been introduced.

Most divisive: Tom Nook
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  • Celeste


    1,136 votes

    Species: Owl

    Personality: Friendly

    Birthday: September 7 (Virgo)

    Catchphrase: None

  • Fauna


    1,003 votes

    Species: Deer

    Personality: Normal

    Birthday: March 26 (Aries)

    Catchphrase: "dearie"

  • Sable


    1,039 votes

    Species: Sable

    Personality: Focused

    Birthday: November 22nd (Scorpio)

    Catchphrase: None

  • Lolly


    749 votes

    Species: Cat

    Personality: Normal

    Birthday: March 27 (Aries)

    Catchphrase: "bonbon"

  • Isabelle


    1,197 votes

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    Species: Dog

    Personality: Friendly

    Birthday: December 20 (Sagittarius)

    Catchphrase: None

  • Marina


    1,061 votes

    Species: Octopus

    Personality: Normal

    Birthday: June 26 (Cancer)

    Catchphrase: "blurp"