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50 Adorable & Creative 'Animal Crossing' Custom Outfits

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ is Nintendo’s latest triumph that gives players the tools and freedom to customize their characters in crazy ways. Players can take advantage of custom patterns to design basically anything and everything under the sun. From putting pancakes on their hats to cosplaying some of TV’s greatest and favorite icons, players are able to create their characters to be a part of pretty much any world they want to live in, even if that world super creepy. 

Whether they’re displaying their adorable unique outfits or showcasing their talented design skills (Animal Crossing’s new custom design feature, which lets players create their own pixilated artwork, is a blast to use), these are some of the best Animal Crossing outfits to come out so far. Regardless of how funny or outrageous these outfits may look, there’s no denying how creative they are.

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    A Cute Coraline

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    Blathers' Buddies

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    Zelda Doesn't Need Link; She Has A Slingshot

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    Gotta Make 'Em All!

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