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16 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do In 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

There's a lot to digest in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nintendo's latest social simulation game is packed with more features, items, and abilities (like being able to use the loo) than ever before. There's so much you can do, in fact, that it's easy to miss out on a few key elements. While the game starts off pretty slow, the gameplay starts to take off rather quickly, which means there are quite a few helpful Animal Crossing tips that are either glazed over quickly or not explained at all. (Hey, it's not Tom Nook's fault—he has a lot going on.) That's why simple tips and hacks like these can come in handy.

More than just a simulation game, New Horizons gives gamers the ability to create a world that's entirely their own. They can hop to other people's islands, trade goods and, even make a few friends along the way. And while Animal Crossing games are designed, nay, encouraged, to be played at a leisurely pace, knowing how to perform certain tasks without wasting time (or Bells) is sure to help.

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    You Can Use A Shortcut For Redeeming Nook Miles

    Instead of scrolling down the list to redeem your Nook Miles, you can select any Nook Mile task and use the right stick to scroll to the next completed task. A simple trick, but a huge timesaver! 

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    You Can Expel Excess Energy By Pooping

    Yes, you can actually poop in 'New Horizons'. What's more, using the bathroom lets you expel your fruit (and all that extra energy that comes from eating them), which can sometimes prevent you from obtaining the items you need.

    So more than just a funny feature, pooping in Animal Crossing is actually pretty useful. What's more, you can use any toilet you see, which probably won't help you make any new friends, but it's still pretty fun.

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    You Can Make Your Own Tarantula Island

    When visiting islands using your Nook Miles Ticket, you have the chance to create your very own tarantula island. First, run around the new island and check to see that are bugs are spawning. If not, you're going to have to visit another island for this to work.

    If you do see bugs spawning (check flowers), you'll then have to clear everything on the island. This means digging up every tree, picking up every weed, and pocketing everything on the ground. Drop all the items in a corner on the beach, and start running around the island to spawn taratulas. Catch as many as you can, and then sell them all for huge profits. 

    Keep in mind before you embark on your visit to only take along the necessary tools (shovel, net, native fruits, axe, etc.) to maximize the number of tarantulas you can fit in your pockets. 

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    You Can Sell Those DIY Leaf Umbrellas For Double

    If you need Bells quickly, you can sell leaf umbrellas for twice its worth. First, gather 15 clumps of weeks (valued at 10 Bells each) and craft the leaf umbrella. Then, sell it back for 300 Bells. Profit! You can also do this with the wooden simple bed, hay bed, and other various furniture.  

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