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50 Of The Coolest & Most Creative 'Animal Crossing' Room Designs We've Seen

Updated June 22, 2020 11.8k votes 1.3k voters 37.5k views44 items

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Every day New Horizons players continue to show up and show off. These room designs are some of the most creative and detailed on the Internet and can definitely help inspire any budding ideas of your own. If you're stuck on ways to decorate the empty space in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or basement, let these Animal Crossing room ideas serve as a source of inspiration to help channel your inner interior designer

Villagers have taken home decor to the max by creating luxurious bathrooms and royal dining halls. However, if you prefer a more modest room in your own little Animal Crossing world, there are classic layouts and interior designs to draw inspiration from as well. Have fun by adding rooms like a cafe or an office to round out your perfect abode. Take a look below to see if any room designs stand out to you, and vote up the ones you love to look at.

Once you've found a few fun ACNH room designs, make sure to check out these custom wallpaper designs to really help complete the look.

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    Medieval Kitchen

    Photo: Nintendo

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    Wine Cellar

    Photo: Nintendo

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    Vaporwave Basement

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    Sushi Restaurant

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