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20 Custom Wallpaper Designs To Scan And Use In 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

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As any gamer will tell you, customizing your island home is one of the biggest (and most enjoyable) aspects in any Animal Crossing game, and Redditors have been busy posting some seriously amazing designs. By using the custom import feature, villagers can swap custom canvas art, knit caps, and even facial features like eyebrows and beards. 

Wondering how QR codes work? You'll need to download the Nintendo app on your phone and sync your current Nintendo Switch Online account. Once your accounts are linked, all you need to do is scan or enter the code, import the wallpaper design, and customize it any way you want. You can also visit the design kiosk in the tailor shop to input custom IDs and import these designs into your own island paradise.nativle,

While any QR code and design can be used as wallpaper (or as a stone tile, a flag, or even a stand-alone painting — yeah, it's amazing), we hand-picked these custom designs because they look better when they're plastered all over your wall. From colorful and carefree designs to downright hilarious Danny DeVito codes (cause who wouldn't want Frank Reynolds's face plastered all over their home?), vote up all your favorite Animal Crossing wallpaper QR codes so other villagers can check out which designs to import next.