15 Totally Crazy (and Deadly) Moves That Animals Really Use to Hunt Prey

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For predators, getting a meal requires skill, wit, and a hunting technique that's a cut above the rest. Animals can't just go into a place, guns blazing, and kill their desired prey. They have to be cunning! The way that these animals hunt and capture prey will surprise (and probably also scare) you. From the stoat’s Elaine Benes dance to the SURPRISE! move of the trapdoor spider, these predators are using what nature gave them in their methods for hunting. 

There are various levels to the horror and beauty of a how a predator hunts prey. There’s the beautiful symmetry of the bottlenose dolphin and then there’s the unceremonious drop from a high place that the golden eagle uses. Then there’s the secretary bird that literally stomps the world’s deadliest snakes to death like a supermodel stamping out a cigarette with a stiletto. Weird and hilarious, but effective. 

Some animals are smarter than they are given credit for. The wolverine can sniff out a hibernating animal from 20 feet above the snow. The green heron goes fishing, using twigs and even a piece of bread to draw prey to the surface of the water. Then there’s the group hunt. Humpback whales create a bubble net for a mouthful of fishy goodness. Bottlenose dolphins make mud nets with their tail fins, causing frightened fish to pop right into their mouths. 

Whatever their methods, how animals hunt (and how effective they are) determine the survival of their own species. Let’s check out the craziest predator attack moves.