Animal Imposters: 15 Creatures That Fake It To Make It

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Nature is a terrifying place, and that means animals have adapted clever ways to survive. One particularly fascinating method is mimicry. The goal is for the creature to trick other animals into thinking they are something else, a remarkable example of evolution in action. Some harmless animals have evolved to look like their more dangerous counterparts, while others downplay their predatory advantages by mimicking less violent species. Examples of mimicry can be found throughout the animal kingdom, from up in the sky to deep down in the ocean.

These animal imposters are the best of the best, employing all different kinds of mimicry. Batesian mimicry is when an animal copies a toxic species to avoid being eaten. Acoustic mimicry is when an animal copies the vocalizations of another to their own advantage. Animals that look like other animals are abundant in nature, and their less-than-unique appearances have allowed them to thrive in the harshest environments.

The mimics in the photos below are found on the left side, while the animal they are mimicking is on the right. Enjoy these photos of clever animal con artists.