12 Adorable Animals Doing Jazz Hands

Have you ever had one of those days where you just needed a little more "fabulous" in your life? Perhaps it's the gloomy weather that's got you down or the recurring disappointment that far too few people ever actually burst into song in real life. Regardless, fear not, for assembled here is a collection of adorable animals doing jazz hands that’ll turn your frown upside down faster than the feet of the tap dancers in a Broadway chorus line.

The owners of these adorable animal jazz hands, paws, and even toes heard the call of all things fabulous deep within their furry little souls and have been going around ever since making sure all of life’s activities end with a climactic dose of pizazz. Whether you’re in the mood for hamster who are totally hamming it up, kittens wearing tiny top hats just because they can, or even a turtle whose dance moves put Fred Astaire to shame, you’ve come to the right place.

So the next time you’re feeling the need for a hefty dose of the kind of happy that only a show tune can bring, scroll on down. You’re about to meet the happiest little performers on the planet and the jazz hands they're more than happy to bust out on a dime.

  • The Fifth, Lesser Known Ninja Turtle

    The Fifth, Lesser Known Ninja Turtle
    Photo: u/LupoBorracio / Reddit
  • He's Really Feeling It

  • 'Let There Be Jazz'

  • Hamming It Up = Nailing It

    Hamming It Up = Nailing It
    Photo: me.me
  • Triple Threat Kitty Is A Shoo-In For 'Cats'

  • Conflicted Cat Reaches A Compromise

    Conflicted Cat Reaches A Compromise
    Photo: Pinterest