20 Animal Moms Who Have Had Enough Of Their Children

Let's face it, the only thing out there that can even compare to the cuteness of a human baby is the cuteness of an animal baby. Don’t be fooled by their adorable fluff and clumsy antics, however, for we’ve collected a group of animals with kids who can assure you that animal motherhood is not as easy as it looks. In these funny animal mom and kid photos, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at animal families all over the world, and gain a whole new respect for furry, feathered, and four-legged moms.  

So the next time you find yourself overwhelmed with your own role as a parent, we’ve got you covered with these mom and kid animals, who prove that occasionally being overwhelmed is a universal part of parenthood. Think your kids are the only ones who pull stupid, dangerous stunts? Here you’ll mean a polar bear mom who can assure you that you’re not alone.

Whether you’re a parent or just an animal lover, the one thing we can pretty much guarantee is that you’re about to leave here with a huge smile on your face.