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Incredible Animal Nests That Are Better Than Your Studio Apartment

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Amazing animal nests aren't just limited to birds. Incredible nests can also be homes to bees, rodents, and sea turtles along with other creatures. Even gorillas build nests out of leaves to get a good night's rest. Oftentimes, an animal's nest is created for the sole purpose of housing baby critters and other weird fish, animal, and insect eggs. That's why many nests can be very small compared to the animal. 

Beautiful bird nests are often made of sticks, feathers, or human-made items. Sometimes, nests are made of mud or may just be a hole in a tree, wall, or ground. Nests can even be grouped together like subdivisions. Each creature builds a distinctive nest according to their needs as you'll see in these photos of animal baby nests. A few creatures use their nests again the next year, but many abandon them when their offspring is grown. These pictures of animal nests are beautiful reminders that humans aren't the only ones with a place to call home. Vote up the most awesome bird nests put together by animals and insects.