Weird Nature Things You Didn't Know About Animal Sex  

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By now someone has probably already schooled you in the facts of life, but you might be surprised to learn that still don't know all the facts, especially when it comes how animals reproduce. We’ll warn you up front that some of these weird facts about animals may leave you too traumatized to ever go to the zoo again. Still, if you've ever wondered how big a whale penis is, this list of animal sex facts is for you.

Here you’ll find some crazy, wild, and just plain weird facts about animals and their sex lives. So if you’re ready to discover the horrible truth about how pandas get in the mood or the amazing form of birth control known only to chickens, take a look. You're about to learn about everything from detachable penises to girl monkeys that charge males for sex.

So if you’re one of the bold few out there who’s ready to explore the animal kingdom in all its um…. "glory," check out this list of facts about animal sex. These feisty creatures are ready to sing you the love song of their people and make you feel a helluva lot better about your own sex life.
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The Average Blue Whale Penis Is Between 8 and 10 Feet Long

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If you've ever wondered why male blue whales look so cocky, it's probably due to the fact there penises are literally the largest on earth. Ranging between 8 to 10 feet long, the average blue whale's penis is estimated to weigh "between 390 – 990 lbs. depending on the penis's overall size."

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Male Dolphins Can Swivel Their Penises Like Helicopters

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Photo: David Stone/Vimeo

Male dolphins, much like male humans, have a generous sexual appetite and don't necessarily just mate for the purposes of reproduction. Some male dolphins have even been observed coming up with creative forms of masturbation such as wrapping live eels around their penises.

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Female Chinese Fruit Bats Give Males Blowjobs Even While They're Penetrating

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Photo: Daniel Mennerich/flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

That's right, a recent delightfully random study on fruit bat sex found that females often lick the penises of male fruit bats even during sex itself. Researchers can only guess at why, but believe that it may help prolong the sexual encounter. And you thought your girlfriend was a freak.

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Sex Is Pretty Much the Only Thing Sloths Do Quickly

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When female sloths are looking for a good time, they let the whole neighborhood know by sitting in their tree and shouting. The male sloths come to her and waste no time with foreplay, sometimes resulting in sex that only lasts a matter of seconds. 

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