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Existing in the world means existing alongside animals. Sometimes, this is awesome - pets can be a wonderful addition to anyone's life, and some wild animals are just obscenely beautiful. That said, sharing space can be difficult when we're talking about animals that terrorize people. 

Yes, that's right - sometimes mean animals will go rogue and deliberately attack people. Sometimes, it's not such a big deal, like the moose in Alberta, Canada, who took over a parking lot by licking salt off all the cars. Other times, it's a huge deal, like when a one-ton crocodile named Gustave murdered 300 people.

Why are animals being jerks to people? The reason depends on the animal. Sometimes, the animal feels threatened or intimidated by humans encroaching on its territory. Sometimes it seems like animals are just terrorizing towns for no reason. Let's learn about some of these aggressive creatures, and how they lay waste to their hometowns.

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Gustave The Crocodile Is Rumored To Have Killed 300 People

The African nation of Burundi is home to one of the largest and most dangerous crocodiles on Earth, the 2,000 lb Gustave. For comparison, the average Nile crocodile weighs between 500 and 1,650 lbs. Instead of hunting for fish, zebra, and antelope like most crocodiles, Gustave goes after hippopotamus and large wildebeest. Scientists believe that this is because the species usual prey is too agile for a creature of Gustave's massive size to go after. 

But Gustave hasn't only gone after hippos and wildebeest. The reason he's so terrifying is that he's rumored have killed up to 300 people. He's also survived multiple attempts on his life - some of his most distinctive markings are bullet wounds, and a group of scientists totally failed at capturing him. He was last seen in 2015, allegedly dragging a buffalo across a river bank.

An Angry Goat Was On The Rampage In Brazil

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In 2013, Londrina, Brazil, was being terrorized by a furious goat. No one knew what set him off, but they did know that he headbutted people on motorcycles, and knocked down people who were just trying to walk down the street. Mercifully, the raging goat had a bell tied to his collar, warning residents of his approach.

You can even watch a video of residents fleeing for their lives from a goat on a rampage. At the end of the video, the goat is subdued and tied to a post, ending his rein of terror... for now. 

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An Unknown Beast Has Been Mutilating Kentucky Livestock

Sometimes, the animal wrecking havoc on a community is impossible to identify. That's what happened in Shelby County, Kentucky, when a mysterious beast began mauling local livestock. Residents found bulls covered in blood and goats with their faces and ears torn off. Some claimed to hear the animal making an "indescribable" noise, and others said that they were chased by the creature. No animals were killed directly, though five goats were injured so severely that they had to be euthanized.

Despite efforts to trap it, the culprit was never identified. Some have compared it to the Chupacabra, a mythical beast who is said to attack livestock in the Southwest.

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A Mountain Lion Is On A Rampage In Los Angeles

Los Angeles isn't the first place people think about when they think about mountain lion habitats, but the city is actually home to a small community of these big cats. 

One mountain lion in particular has been terrorizing LA residents who live close to the Santa Monica Mountains. A lion dubbed P-45 by the scientists tracking him is unusually aggressive. The New Yorker reports that from late 2015 to early 2017, he's killed "sixty goats, sheep, llamas, and alpacas, a miniature horse, and a four-hundred-and-fifty-pound heifer." Many of these animals were people's pets. What's even worse is that P-45 didn't eat any of the animals - he just killed them.

Victoria Vaughn-Perling, a rancher in Malibu, California, was given permission by the state to kill P-45 after he slaughtered twelve of her alpaca. Vaughn-Perling declined the offer, and accepted help rebuilding her alpaca fence instead. P-45 is still at large.