11 Super Creepy Animal Ultrasounds You Can't Unsee

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There's no denying that ultrasounds are creepy. Sure, there's an adorable baby in there, but that doesn't make the image of it floating around in the womb any less unsettling. And that's just for human babies – what must animal ultrasounds look like? What do animals look like in the womb or the egg while they're still developing?

These incredible animal ultrasounds will let you take a peek into the often unattractive world of unborn creatures. These high-tech pictures show baby animals in utero, in all their slimy, hairless, google-eyed glory. Want to know what's going on inside your cat's womb while her kittens are developing? Curious to see what baby snakes look like before their eggs are even laid? Then read on. But be warned – you can't unsee these images.

The miracle of life is incredible, yes but it's also often disgusting. Scroll through these animal ultrasound photos, and be prepared to gasp and gag at how occasionally creepy nature can really be.