Weird Nature The Animal Kingdom According to Tumblr  

Ashley Reign

In case you're not familiar with the wonderful world of tumblr, it's sort of like a cross between a social networking site and a blog that lets you instantly share pretty much anything you find hilarious and/or interesting. Rest assured that funny animal pictures are no exception and are often even combined with hilarious commentary before being sent out into the Interwebs. Here we’ve collected some of the best funny pictures of animals tumblr has to offer, complete with hysterical commentary.

Many of the tumblr animals you’ll meet below have sort of invented their own awkward blend of adorable that “unique” doesn’t quite begin to cover. Here you’ll meet animals that, while not your average blend of Pinterest-style cuddles and fluff, are definitely some of the most relatable little creatures around. You’ll meet birds trying desperately to fit in with the flock, tigers who have invented crafty ways to masquerade as lions, and lions who deserve their very own #1 Dad mug.

So the next time you’re sick of the same old cuddly kittens and fluffy puppies, remember these crafty critters. Here you’ll meet animals that are reinventing cute by mixing in their own unique brands of hilarious.

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The Animal Kingdom According to Tumblr