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10 Times Animals Attacked People Trying To Poach Them

Is there anything more ironic than a poacher being killed by their targets? All over the world, poachers are illegally hunting animals - some endangered - for their fur, tusks, and meat. It has gotten so bad, a rare rhinoceros was poached in its cage at the zoo. And animals have had enough. Animals killing poachers is a sweet, sweet turn of revenge for the aniamls being attacked by poaching. 

What is poaching? It's become even more of a problem in the recent past due to our rapidly growing technological advancements. Now, poachers don't simply have to sneak onto preserved land with weapons in tow, they can find exact whereabouts of their prey from the comfort of their own home. That's right, poachers are now hacking into systems used to keep track of and study the endangered species and their environments. 

As long as there is poaching, there will be animals attacking poachers trying to save themselves. If you hate poaching, read about these poachers who got what they deserved.