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28 Animals Who Are Minding Their Manners

If you're an animal lover, it's quite possible you've already realized that often times animals can be just as good or even better people than most actual people. Whether it’s their inability to nag or their unusually large capacity to love, there’s a reason that so many of us have always been drawn to love all things furry, feathered, or finned. The polite animals below are here to remind us not only why they are so awesome, but to give we two legged creatures a couple tips in the art of etiquette.

The next time you catch yourself getting ready to scream at that underpaid retail worker or have just suffered the wrath of your boss's bad mood, let these animals being nice remind you that tact and kindness are still alive and well in the world. These polite animal gifs are here to remind us of all the manners we occasionally forget when life gets overwhelming. Ironically, the manners that we’re so quick to toss out during the tough times tend to be the very things that would make life so much less stressful. After all, there’s no better way to brighten your own day that to offer a friend a hug or give someone in need a helping hand.

So the next time you find yourself tempted to throw up your hands and give up on the world, try giving these adorable little guys the chance to put a smile on your face instead. No matter how tough things get, they’re here to remind us all that sometimes happiness is no further away than taking it back to the basics.
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    If You Must Awaken Someone, Do It Gently

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    Always Remember to Show Gratitude for a Gift

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    Make Sure You Always Return a Friendly Wave with Enthusiasm

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    Never Hesitate to Offer a Warm Hug to a Friend in Need

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